Author Guidelines

1). The title describes the main content of the article concisely and clearly, written in English. Printed in capital letters using 14 Times New Roman font. The beginning of each word is typed in capital letters.

2). Author's name, without title, The number of authors listed in the article is at least 1 person, if the author consists of 4 or more people, which is listed under the article title.

3). Affiliation In the form of an institution where the author works or a personal address equipped with an E-mail address (for correspondence authors).

4). Abstract, written in English and is the essence of all writings, including: problems, objectives, methods, results and conclusions (IMRAD: Introduction, Method, Result, and Discussion). The abstract is written in full sentences of a maximum of 250 words.

5). Keywords included 3-5 key words

6). The introduction includes background of the problem and general view.

7). Methodology, contains an explanation of the design, population, sample, variables, time, place, materials and tools used

8). Results and Discussion, clearly stated in the form of narrative and data entered related to the research objectives, if necessary accompanied by pictures, graphs or diagrams. Each table is accompanied by a brief explanation and does not repeat data that can be read in the table and "Discussion" explains the meaning of research results which include: facts, theories and opinions

9). Conclusions, in the form of conclusions from research results in the form of narratives that refer to the research objectives. Suggestions contain suggestions that can be given by the author based on the results of the study.

10). References as far as possible are literature published in the last 10 years, preferably the results of research reports and scientific articles.